"The services received from Skylink was par excellence! We had a memorable trip at a very reasonable price."

Par Excellence
From: Mr. Satish Shah

"It was very fun, probably my favourite part of my Africa trip this far. Thank you Skylink Safari for making it this fun."

From : Abhinav Sharma (U.S.A)

The trip itself was fantastic, and the Skylink arrangements went perfectly. No complaints. Thanks so much!.

No Complaints
From : Cathy Nguyen

It was an amazing experience, nice meals and comfortable seats. Thanks. It is just the beginning. I am now your customer.

Mr. Mrosso
It was a great trip , our first trip to Europe.To understand how it went about i would divide into the following categories and rate them accordingly.
  1. Tkts from Tanz to Italy and back Properly managed for time date Airlines and good pick up and drop transfer to Rome.
  2. Accommodation : All hotels good warm and cozy
  3. Sight Seeing : Nicely planned and good support from Skylink
  4. Train travel :  Very comfortable nicely organised and easy to go.
  5. Budget : All as planned and no extra burden Overall a good pleasant journey Very informative and mind refreshing As was the motto.

Thanks and Skylink will always be our choice